Mike is a nationally recognized Certified Master Personal Trainer, Muscle Activation Technique Specialist and Nutrition Counselor.  Mike has over 12 years of professional fitness experience. Being a Certified MAT Specialist allows Michael to constantly adjust and correct his clients programs to fit their current abilities, injuries and limits. MAT is a unique hands on bodywork that is used to identify and correct muscle imbalances in the body that can contribute to compensation, injury, pain and lack of performance. Mike enjoys bodybuilding and keeping up with the latest fitness techniques and training methods. He frequently flies around the country to continue his education. He uses his vast knowledge in bio-mechanics, resistance training and nutrition to help progress his clients and take them to new levels.


-(NPTI-MCPT) National Personal Training Institute Certified Master Personal Trainer
-(NASM-CPT) National Academy of Sports Medicine  Certified Personal Trainer
-(Parisi University) Certified Speed and Strength Coach
-(RTS) Resistance Training Specialist levels 1 & 2
-(MATCS) Muscle Activation Techniques Certified Specialist
-(MATmCS) Muscle Activation Technique Master Certified Specialist (Currently Undergoing)